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Our Purpose

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Likrat Kallah, a proud project of Lemaan Achai,  is proud to have helped over 4,400  brides, throughout Israel, from Tzfat in the North to Eilat in the South, regardless of their political or religious background.  Brides who turn to us come from difficult financial backgrounds-some are converts, others are orphaned and still others are baalei teshuva whose parents refuse to help them in their new path in life.  Sometimes a difficult medical situation in the family is the catalyst for need.  

One girl who turned to us comes from a home where the mother is deaf in both ears and the father is 100% disabled.  

Another girl who came to us told  her heart wrenching story.  Six months previous to her wedding, her older sister was also a kallah. An hour before the Shabbat Sheva Brachas began, their father suddenly suffered a fatal heart attack!  Her family was still reeling from this tragedy and could hardly tend to the needs of this new bride. 

Still another bride revealed the utter poverty she lives in when I called to invite her to receive her items.  Since it was already after her wedding, I began the conversation by asking her if she still needed the gifts.  ( I always ask this question because sometimes a bride will say that she received gifts and that she doesn’t need any from Likrat Kallah).  This bride told me that she had been waiting for my phone call but just couldn’t remember what she had ticked off on her form.  So, I started to read her form and it said that she needed a pan.  She happily told me, in the cheeriest of tones, that she already had a pan.  Then, somewhat sheepishly, she said to me that if she could get a pan from Likrat Kallah, she would have a pan for fleishigs(meat)!!!!  She was so happy with one pan – just one pan for milchigs(milk) and nothing for fleishigs!


Likrat Kallah really does make a difference in the lives of these families that are truly struggling. The chesed continues on and one as so many brides write to us and say how they think of Likrat Kallah and thank us each time they use their pots, silverware and other gifts.

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