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How you can help

Imagine the happiness of a bride when she sees the exquisite set of dishes, the sturdy pots and the practical mixing bowls and knives awaiting her.  

Imagine the relief that her mother feels, knowing that-what her daughter needs to set up her household was attained without the pressure and stress of trying to somehow cover the expenses. 

When you volunteer to help, you make imagined scenes like these become poignant and tangible realities.

Here are  a variety of ways to make a difference in the life of a bride or in the lives of many brides

Host a Party
nice pic for buy a gift or gallery-fryin
Buy a Gift
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Sponsor an Event

It’s a great way to do with mitzvah of Hachnasat Kallah, helping poor brides, with your friends and family. 

You just need to:
* pick a date

* let Sadeena know because she will be there too-even if it’s a virtual party overseas!
* invite your friends and family for an evening get together-a chance to come together over some yummy refreshments with the bigger aim of helping poor brides by bringing a gift for them or making a donation.

Sadeena will share with everyone information about the organization and how it works.  But what you will really enjoy is hearing the AMAZING stories of how G-d, and not Sadeena or her volunteers, really runs this organization.  Sit back for some amazing stories of divine providence! 

It will truly be a very fun evening filled with lots of inspiration! 

It’s that simple.  Go shopping with a bride in mind and drop off your gift at Sadeena’s home. 

Or make a donation for the purchase of certain items and those items will be bought and distributed to the brides who walk through our door. 

You can sponsor a one time purchase or you can consider sponsoring an item, like a pot, for every kallah for the next year.

Twice a year, Likrat Kallah hosts a world renown speaker at our most spectacular events.
*The event for English speakers
is held in November and features Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky.
*The event for Hebrew speakers
takes place right before Purim.
This year we were proud to host
Rabbi Yitzchak Fanger.
These events need sponsorship
to get them on their feet and we
are happy to advertise your
business. Sponsorship can also
be made in memory of a beloved one or as a merit for someone to have a speedy recovery or find their true partner in life.
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