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Our Organizers

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Likrat Kallah was founded 14.5 years ago by Sadeena and Dovid Pinhasik.  

It all started when Sadeena attended a lecture on the topic of marrying off one’s children.  Each of the speakers gave valuable advice and interesting tips but the last woman to speak, Rebbetzin Rothman of the Neve Yerushalayim Seminary, said something that really resounded with Sadeena.  She said, “Ladies, all the tips you heard tonight are vital but I have the most important tip of them all.” She continued and said, “If you want H-shem to help you with YOUR kallahs, you’ve got to be helping H-shem with HIS kallahs.”

That statement made an indelible impression on Sadeena and she knew that she really wanted to help H-shem’s kallahs.  Then she had an idea….everyone has something in their home, a gift that they’ve gotten that they don’t need and won’t use.  If they give it to Likrat Kallah, then it could find its use with a needy kallah.

That was the seed that was planted, germinated and became Likrat Kallah. 

Today, Likrat Kallah is so proud to be part of the Lemaan Achai organization and  through Lemaan Achai, is considered an official tax exempt charity in Israel, America and the UK. 

Likrat Kallah runs on a completely voluntary basis…Sadeena and her husband and family, a few women in the neighborhood as well as local high school girls who volunteer on the day that the items are distributed to the brides. 

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